The Influence of Politics on Legal Practices: How Changing Laws and Regulations Impact Lawyer Legal Practice Areas

The mingle of politics and law is a difficult and the altering field that profoundly influences areas of legal practice. The rules and regulations that lead to the change in the way of society with the political winds. The constantly changing legal framework, in return, demands lawyers to enhance their skills continuously so as to be the most effective advocates of their clients. The magnitude of politics over the law and the legal profession is a topic that legal professionals, policymakers, and the public should research.

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The Dynamic Relationship Between Politics and Law

Politics and law are so synonymous that it is difficult to pinpoint which is in the lead. Political ideologies and objectives, which are the main foundation of the laws and the basic element of law, influence the legal atmosphere. Through their control over the legislative bodies, the political parties pass laws that are based on their values and the objectives of their policies. Hence, political shifts, especially changes in political leadership, usually catalyse legal reforms.

Key Areas of Impact

Criminal Law

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The political inclination of the country is the main factor that decides the principles of criminal law. For instance, a government which would rather focus on law and order might implement the measures like, the increase of the penalties for some crimes and the extension of the law enforcement agencies. Conversely, a more liberal government might be concentrated on the rest of the criminal justice system issues, such as the reduction of penalties, the decriminalization of some activities, and the improvement of rehabilitation programs. The occurrence of the law alteration for marijuana use in the USA can be seen as a good example of it. Almost all the states have either legalized or decriminalized it. Hence, the political attitudes have been altered towards the drug policy, and this is reflected in the changing political attitudes towards the drug policy. Lawyers who are dealing with these subjects should be familiar with the state and federal legislation as they are often in competition with each other.

Immigration Law

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Immigration law is most of the time manipulated by politics. Changes in the leaders can cause big changes in the immigration policy. As an example, the Obama administration introduced the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, which offered undocumented immigrants who were brought to the U. S. as children with certain protections. The Trump administration tried to cancel this program, and that was the reason for numerous legal battles. Immigration attorneys are not left to the mercy of these changes but must cope with the constantly changing regulations and policies that play a crucial role in their clients’ lives. The area of law that is discussed in this sentence is the one that shows how political changes can cause a turbulent legal environment that calls for always being on the alert and being able to adjust.

Environmental Law

Due to the dictates of the prevailing government, environmental rules usually reflect the priorities of the regime. The administration that puts economic development at the top will likely consider revoking environmental rules, thus easing the pressure on businesses. On the other hand, the administration, which is geared toward the fight against climate change, may bring about tough environmental regulations. Lawyers in this field should know the changes made to give their clients the right advice. For example, modifying the rules about carbon emissions, water quality, and land use can greatly impact businesses and public entities.

Immigration law is mostly the issue of politics. Variations in the leaders leads to big changes in the immigration policy. To illustrate, the Obama administration started the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program which was for the undocumented immigrants who were brought to the U. S. as children and hence, they were granted certain protections. The Trump administration attempted to scrap this scheme, and that was the trigger for numerous court cases. Immigration lawyers are not left to the fate of these changes but they have to deal with the constantly changing regulations and policies which are the main factors in their clients’ lives. The area of law that is discussed in this sentence is the one that shows how political changes can cause a dangerous legal environment that requires to always be on the alert and to be able to adjust.

The Role of the Judiciary

The function of the courts is to interpret the law and decide cases influenced by the legislation that Congress has enacted. The legislative and executive branches work together to make and implement laws, whereas the judiciary is the authority for interpreting them. The nomination of judges, especially for the Supreme Court, is a highly political affair. The understanding of the judges of the law can impose the upholding of the legislation or the striking off of the bill. Hence, it is one of the major factors affecting legal practices across all areas. To illustrate, the Supreme Court verdicts on topics like same-sex marriage, healthcare, and voting rights were so important for the legal environment. Legal experts have to be well-versed in the existing laws and the judicial philosophies that might affect the way future legal decisions are made.

Adaptation and Specialization

With the ever-changing nature of the laws and regulations usually resulting from political life, legal practitioners must be flexible. This flexibility usually means the person must constantly learn and acquire new skills. Attorneys often attend seminars, obtain continuing legal education (CLE) credits, and subscribe to legal journals to keep up with current developments. Specialization is a must thing, too. Through the specialization of a specific law, attorneys can acquire deep knowledge of that area of law, which helps them to foresee and cope with the changes. To illustrate, an attorney who has specialized in environmental law will be more capable of handling the intricacies of the changing regulations than a practitioner who has no area of specialization.

Ethical Considerations

Politics and ethics are involved in the influence of politics on law, which is why legal practitioners should consider the ethical issue that comes with politics. Lawyers must simultaneously move through personal and confidential matters to the competence of representation and the changing legal environment. Besides, lawyers usually have to deal with ethical issues when political transformations cause the creation of laws that are against their own beliefs or the wishes of their clients. In this case, attorneys may be forced to choose between being faithful to their clients and the moral ramifications of enforcing harsh immigration policies.

Future Trends 

As political landscapes continue to evolve, several trends are likely to shape the future of legal practices: 

Increased Use of Technology:

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 Technological progress, like artificial intelligence and blockchain, will completely change legal practices. Attorneys will use technology based on their political stance on data privacy, cybersecurity, and technology regulation.


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 International laws and regulations are highly important. Law, in the rapidly expanding global villagers, will have to deal with and understand the different legal systems in political decisions, trade arrangements, and international treaties.

Public Advocacy and Social Justice:

 Social justice, equity, and human rights-driven movements will remain the major causes of law reforms. Lawyers will be increasingly involved in public argument, using legal tools to promote social change.

Climate Change Legislation: 

Climate change is slowly but surely becoming a more important matter worldwide, and as a result, political attitudes and responses will significantly change environmental law. Lawyers will have to deal with problems concerning sustainability, energy policies, and environmental protection.

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