Signs of Horrible Girlfriend/Wife

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By: allwanttoknow.com


Overly  Materialistic 

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If you always expect gifts, money or vacations from your man, you are a horrible woman for him. Moreover, if you place a man’s financial health over his personality characteristics, you are the toxic one. 



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If you expect your man to do all the spending and care all the time and you yourself are never ready to dole out anything for him, you are the horrible one. 



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Nothing and no one is perfect. Fault lines are always there but if you keep bragging about those fault lines all the time, you are a horrible woman. 



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Men make mistakes and most of them are unintentional and needed to be ignored. If you are unable to control your tongue and use abusive or insulting words for your man on tiny matters, you are branded as horrible. 



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Men want their women to treat their friends and family members with respect and show some care. If you always show a cold shoulder towards his fellas, you are not the one he should love blindly.